Jarida Week Day 1: Dreams

"What a strange dream… full of flying boys and sand men. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that cake"

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Dream a little dream of me ~ Jarida Week, day 1: Dreams

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JARIDA WEEK:  DAY 1 - Dreams

kiomes wonderful cinderella!au (x)

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(Jarida Week) ~D A Y ONE~ Dreams.

Where Jack’s masculinity keeps getting questioned in his dreams (nightmares) when it comes to his relationship with Merida who’s pregnant. I sense Pitch is behind all this. Merida takes amusement out of it, go figure lol.


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Jarida Week- Day 1 [Dreams]

Might have went overkill with the fairy dust.

I wanted to draw them sleeping on grass with the moon shining on them but the grass turned to ice and the ice turned to random sparkles (maybe Sandy’s dream sand?)

Have a happy Jarida week!

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Whaaaaaat did I do now?


Before anyone asks, I don’t know. 

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has anyone done this already? Can we have a Cell Block Tango cover with the Game of Thrones cast please?

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"They say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing, and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.” - Banksy.

I kinda feel like it’s a fitting quote for Jack and his fellow guardians so I sketched a thingy aHAHAaHAaaa

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Martin Freeman fashion emergency at the BAFTA TV 2014 Red Carpet [x]

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Kirk, drawn in PS.


'I don't get it, why her?'

'I don't know. everytime when I'm around her…. I'm a fool.'

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No one can be trusted in BOX OF LIES! Watch Jimmy and Jennifer Lawrence face off in this game of lying! 

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